On the Willows is blog for many women, from many cities, with different experiences, at many stages of life. We have so much we can learn from each other. This blog was designed to be an outlet for women to share their most important life lessons, and the things they are most passionate about, such as, being a Christian woman in today’s society, marriage, pop culture, theology & philosophy, decorating, beauty & fashion, health, social justice issues, music, movies & art, recipes, crafting, character, and self-esteem… just to name a few.

As women, we are constantly exposed to our culture’s distorted idea of what a woman should be. On the Willows hopes to identify the lies about womanhood and femininity, and redefine them based on the progressive views of the Gospel. Pop culture tries to tell us that we will be validated by how smart, successful, skinny and sexy we can become. But, the Gospel says that long ago, despite our imperfections, our validation came from Him – which is greater than any validation we can receive from culture. In Him, we are a new creation, which encourages us to embrace renewal in our personal lives, our homes, our churches, our culture and our world.

If you ever have any requests or ideas for certain topics, or are interested in writing for On the Willows, feel free to email us at onthewillowsblog@gmail.com.


Stephanie Krier


1 thought on “About”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your post about embracing womanhood. As a mom of 4 boys, this is so important, not only for those raising girls (and being a Godly woman), but for those of us raising boys so that our boys know what a Godly woman should be like.

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